Intentions With Meaning

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It is ok
It is allowed
It is here and now
Observe aknowledge validate what is.
Try doing this without words or thoughts.

There is no effort in doing so.

There is –
No one to blame
Not even myself

The now is here not to be –
Or blamed

It simply came into existance.
Like a child.

The now is here
In order to be here
Not more
Not less

It has no effort in being here.

It is here to be experienced and acknowledged

As everything else.

Recognize the now in all its shades and colors.

Some are dim and some are brighter than others.
All of them earned the same conscious attention from you.

All created by you.
Effortlessly or with suffering.
Simply by intention.

Express your intentions from a peaceful place.
Don’t give them meaning.
Don’t give them words.

Intentions with meaning take effort.
Those without are easy like a feather and effortless.
These intentions don’t need words or meaning.
They don’t require anything in order to be expressed.
No thoughts no meaning no word or sentence.

They come with ease just from being in ease.

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