The need to fix something

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There is no need
To conclude
To make wise notions –
Of reality
Of thought
Of feelings
Of condition
Of circumstances
Of mood

There is no need to experience that.
Although it is a given possibility.

Experience only the base
Experience life without meaning or word.

You are free from making this effort of conclusion.
Nothing will be missing if you just stop concluding.

As everything is to your service.
Stop fixing things.
Stop thinking that you need to fix something.
The need to fix is the need to know more of what you think is broken.

Noticing of broken things only gives you the signal to stop.
Realize that there is nothing to fix.
Stop calling things bad.

All you can do is chose.
When you choose without the interest to fix or change something.
You accept what is.

Accept not by doing.
But by allowing.

Escaping what is is impossible.
Fighting it
Fixing it.
Allow everything to be.
And breathe with it.

And see what happens.

The need to fix something is the need to know more of what you think is broken

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