Take time to be in this moment right now

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Stressing about being on time.
There is not enough time
Being on time
Accomplishing things on time.
Accumulating enough in time.
Before it’s too late.
Before time runs out.
Saving time.
Making the best out of time.

Irritated about all the circumstances that have time constraints .

If only I had this or that, I wouldn’t be stressed about time
I would be free to enjoy life.

How do I get that ?
When will I get that?
What to I need to do to get that?

When I’ll have that, it will make me stress less about time.

Until it is not here I’m a prisoner of stress, frustration, depression…ect.
The absence of stuff and circumstances in my life makes me a prisoner.

So I wait for the stuff to arrive for the circumstance to appear.
And while I wait I’m not wasting any time –

I take time to wounder about my unsatisfying situation.
I take time to feel bad about it
I take time to worry about it
I take time be stressed about it
I take time wondering about how stuck I am.
I take time thinking how miserable I am.
I take time thinking how powerless I am.
I take time to notice that what I want is not here yet.

If only i could live without worrying about time.
If only I can be free of time

The only time you experience – is now
You only experience the now.

Any other time, future or past – is in your thoughts,
in your memories imagination and observation.
In that time, stuff happened or going to happen.

The only time you experience – is now

Surrender to time,
realize that all that is happening right now,
is happening now and not any other time.
Since it is already happening there is nothing you can do about it.

Embrace this fact.
Surrender to it.
Fall into it for a moment, and feel the relief.
Because there is nothing you can do to change the appearance of the now, right now.

Instead of dwelling on what is missing
use your mind’s imagination and memory
to notice the things you once desired and now take for granted.
It might seem that some of those things didn’t take much time at all to appear in your now.

Take time to be in this moment – right now.

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