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Allow yourself to be free

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Allow yourself to be free from the effort to change what is bothering you

Strain comes from effort
that is unnatural to your flow.

Trying to solve things that bother you
cause heaviness and strain.

Observe the now
What is happening now
What thoughts
What worries
What strain
What burden

Observe the attention you give to these things
Observe the control you are trying to have over all these things.
Observe the effort it takes from you to manage these things.
Observe the need to be in control over
strain, worries, and concerns.

Observe that, that pulls you to resolve everything now.

The need to make things perfect as you imagine them.

That need is your attention.
It is your conscious attention.
Allow the effort to change and resolve things
to be,
to exist,
without giving it attention.

Everything that exists, does not require
your attention or control.

It’s already existing without you or your intervention.

Even if you look away it will still be there for you
if you desire to engage with it again.

But for now, allow yourself to be free from the effort to change what is bothering you.

See how it’s like.

Yours truly,

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