Feels like success

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Doing for the sake of getting results.
Living in gaps of success, while most of the time spent in between the gaps in misery.

Liking success
doesn’t mean that you like what you’re doing

Success is nice but for how long that feeling lasts?
That feeling of accomplishment?
The satisfaction of finishing something?
Being proud of what we’ve done.

We try to somehow prolong that feeling.
Showing what we did to others.
Get their appreciation, extend this moment of accomplishment for a little longer.

But eventually comes the decline of that feeling state.
And we dive right into the next project, task, creation,
though process.
Always striving to recreate that feeling state of success, that feeling of worthiness and appreciation of ourselves.

Success and failure are words describing an outcome of a situation.
We give that outcome a meaning, if we don’t like that outcome we judge ourselves, and if we do like it we congratulate ourselves.

Just like in school. Just like our parents did, and their parents did to them and so on.

if you like what you’re doing each moment feels like success.
If you feel worthy and appreciated by yourself without needing a proof that you are, you live and breathe success every single second of your existence.



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