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When you experience something you describe it in words, in thoughts.

I felt this and that,
It looks like this,
I think I have that,
I need to tell others about it.

At that moment you’re disconnected from your direct experience.

You’re now the narrator of it to yourself and others.

We have this thing that we need to describe what is going on to ourselves.

Being the narrator takes us out of the experience.

Maybe that’s what you want.
Maybe you want an experience of describing and concluding of what’s happening, to yourself.

Like the critic of an ongoing movie that feels the absolute need to express his opinion about everything that is happening, consequently missing half of it and enjoying half as much.

Experiencing and describing over and over.
Describing thoughts feelings emotions …etc.

But do we really need that?
We are already there we know what is happening right now.

We are aware.

Do we really need words and thoughts?

Adding layers and layers of opinion on top what is happening right now is taking you further away from the original experience.

Much like being a part of something spectacular but instead of looking at it directly you look at the camera view in your phone that is recording what’s happening.

Narrowing your view.
Your perception of reality.
Your experience.

You don’t need a smartphone to miss on life,
when you’ve got thoughts and opinions about everything.

Yours truly,

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