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Hearing your thoughts

These thoughts are not mine
I did not acquire them
I did not borrow them
I wasn’t forced on thinking them
I’m not required
keeping them
Managing them
Contemplating them
Evolving them
Hence I do not own these thoughts

If I would have own these thoughts
I would have access to every thought I ever had
But I don’t.
I would have the ability to discard any thought so it never returns
But I don’t

Some thoughts stay for a while
Some thoughts escape without noticing
They come and go.

I’m actually free thinking a particular thought.
Free to choose someone else’s thought and think that.

If I’m free to choose a thought then I’m not a victim of my thoughts.
I’m not my thoughts.

I’m the one that’s aware of my thoughts my thoughts are not aware of me.
They don’t have an awareness of their own.

Thoughts do not belong to me.
Thoughts do not belong to anyone.

Thoughts are like any other object.

if you look at it then you can see it
If you listen to it then you can hear it
If you take a bite of it then you can taste it
If you touch it then you can feel it
But if you don’t
you won’t even know that it is there.

Only when you listen you hear your thoughts, otherwise you don’t even know they’re there.

I’m free to release any thought or all thoughts as I wish.

Yours truly,

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