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Clearing thoughts
Is a thought
Trying to clear itself.

When the effort to clear all thoughts
comes from thought.

It is impossible to do.

You’re attempting to clear the very same thing you are focused upon. A thought that is trying to clear itself.

Chose intention instead.
The intention is not a thought.

It is before a thought.
It is when you want something and you didn’t express your opinion about it to yourself, yet.

You didn’t think about it yet.

Didn’t give it meaning.

Intention doesn’t need a meaning
Doesn’t need a thought.

It’s that split second that you like what you see.
You feel it and know it from the inside.

It is lite effortless feeling.

Don’t think about clearing thoughts.
That doesn’t work.

Make it your intention to clear all thoughts
including clearing that thought about clearing thoughts.

The intention is effortless.

Yours truly,

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