Take a breath.

Do you know what you just did?

Do you know how you did it?

You didn’t think about how to do it
You didn’t need to figure it out

You just did it

You control it and yet most of the time you’re unaware
of it.

What do you call something that works for you without your awareness?
Something that you don’t know how it works
and yet you can control it when you wish to.


What about the rest of your body?

You’re not aware most of the time of it
And yet you are in full control of your

You don’t need to process any movement
You just do it
Just like the breath
You just take it
It is yours to take.

The mind and the thought are not in control of it
Otherwise, you would’ve forgotten to breathe.

Then who is?


If its instinct then it’s in your subconscious,
Then how come you have control over it in your conscious mind.

It is in your awareness and it’s beyond it.

It’s magic
It’s a good kind of magic
It’s here for you and it’s done by you.

Take a breath.

Now take a deep breath.

Now take an effortless breath as you would normally.

Realize you know nothing of it and yet it is loyal to you.
Serves you.

Think about it for a minute.

Enjoy the fact that it is so, without you asking for it to be so.

Contemplate about other things too like your

The same is with your thoughts
They’re noticeable
Sometimes they’re not there
Other times they’re there when you don’t want them to be.

As the body so are the thoughts, here and not here.

At your disposal.

Yours truly,

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