The thought doesn’t know what you want…

bliss/peace/the now/presence/higher self/
inner self/self/whatever self…
It is here
It doesn’t care where or when
What are you feeling
Or what’s your mood like

It is here with all these things,

Even if you deny it’s existence
Even when you’re looking for it

It is here for you without conditions
It is accessible without conditions

You may look for it in thoughts but it is not a thought.
All you can find in your thoughts,
is more thoughts.

Looking for a way to find it in your thoughts,
also leads to more thoughts.

it is not a thought,
It is a gaze,
on every thought.

Turn your attention to what you really need right now.
It can be as simple as a breath.
A cigarette.
A pause.
A silent room.
A resting chair.

The thought doesn’t know what you want,
it only knows more thoughts.

You know what you want.

The one that gazes on life,
on thoughts, on emotions, and fears.

The one that gazes and interacts.
Gazes and interacts.
Gazes and interacts,
and gazes and gazes,
and remains,
as a,

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