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Your state is Bliss
Everything else you notice is a result of what you’ve learned.
What you’ve thought would benefit you.
Things like
Being safe
Being good
Not being afraid
Not being a failure

Getting to the state of Bliss is easy if you drop your interest in other things.

But when you’re aware of other things sometimes you find that you can’t drop them

All these things that you are aware of, they take all your attention and time.

You have opinions about yourself.
About your physical and mental state.
You have thoughts about
what is going on with you.

You are absorbed, being aware of what you are.

Absorbed in feelings and thoughts that make your mood.
Make your vibe, your flow.

You postpone your Bliss with each moment of being aware to these things.

You are aware, which is good, but not awake.

To be awake is to practice being awake.

Like you practiced thinking like you practiced analyzing yourself and being aware of yourself.

This time you have to put aside all your old practices that you mastered and learn a new skill.

Practicing this skill is not depended on your mood thoughts and feelings, meaning if any of these things are bothering you, you can still practice.

The one who’s awake
is the one that chooses
no matter the circumstances
of body and mind

But If you decide to dwell in the mood in the thoughts in the feelings first.
You will not get to practice awakening.
Because the one that chooses respects your decision every time whatever it is.

So are you interested?

Yours truly,

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