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Believing is Knowing

You don’t care you’re breathing
You don’t care you’re moving
You don’t care you’re seeing or hearing
You don’t care you’re feeling
You don’t care you have food to eat
You don’t care you have clothes to wear
You don’t care you have a bed to sleep
You don’t care you have a mind to think
You don’t care you have money to pay the bills
You don’t care you have friends and family

You don’t care about those things because you got used to them and you assume to keep having them.
You assume.
By assuming you’re re-generating what you have over and over.
Imagining unconsciously.
Taking for granted is assuming.
Assuming is believing.
Believing is knowing.

Knowing doesn’t require a conscious mind.

You were born into a family
You were born into a body
You imagined you have a job and you now have it
You imagined the bed you sleep in,
The clothes you wear and the food you eat

Once you imagine all that you have now.

None of what you have is your physical creation.

You did not create anything in order for things to be created for you and be delivered to you.

You did not participate in creating anything.

Perhaps you imagined or was taught how to get things.
And then imagined the way or the process of getting those things.

The things you keep having, all you did is take for granted what you have and assumed you’ll keep having what you already have.

Things you didn’t have once and truly believed you will someday, you have them now.
Things that you don’t have an imagined that you will have.
Either deep inside you don’t truly believe that you can have them, or they’re on their way to you.
You can tell by simply asking yourself and answering sincerely to yourself which one is it.

You are here simply because you imagined.

What will you imagine next?

Yours truly,

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