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We often easily mistake our thoughts with our will.
Since all day we are busy thinking we are also expressing our will in our thoughts.
Narrating to ourselves what we want.

I will have this breakfast
I want to go there
I will watch this show
We do this without saying a word.
In our minds
We are telling ourselves little stories of what we want.
With our thoughts.
Creating the illusion that our will is in our thoughts.

What do you want?
Well, 🤔 let me THINK about it.

That’s how most of us operate.

But there is another kind of will.
The will that decides to use thoughts.
He decides to go to thoughts when
wanting, loving, feeling, contemplating everything about life.

That will that is choosing to express to ourselves what we want, using thoughts.

This inner will let’s call it that.
Doesn’t require thoughts.
But for most, he is biased with thoughts.
He is biased with emotions.
He is biased with the physical feeling body.
I say Biased because he turns to those things when encountering experience.

You know inner will when you truly want something,
Before you think about it.
It is innate to anything, unlearned intuitive, natural, instinct.

It is the child.
It is the self.
It is inner self.
It is the higher self.
It is pure will.
It is pure mind, the mind that is capable to experience all as is, without the thought.
It is pure awareness.
It is the experiencer of thought body and feeling.

You think you experience the body with thoughts?
or perhaps experiencing the feelings with thoughts or body?
If you think that, then who is experiencing the thought? Who is aware of it?

No need to answer that or even look for the answer.
Because the answer is already there.
It is reading this text.
Using the mind and the thought.
Using the eyes and the memory.
Using all the tools available to it at its disposal.

No need to look
No need to try
No need to overthink or think
You are thinking by the sole intention to think.
You are experiencing all already.
Including inner will.

So how to get to it?

Ask yourself, what do you fear the most right now
If nothing then…
What is uncomfortable to you the most right now
If nothing then…
What is happening now that doesn’t feel good.
Tune in to your body to know what is bothering you.

Give it attention and then….
Experience the one giving attention to it.

Why does it work?

Because you are letting yourself know, what is it you truly want?

How? Simply by making yourself look what is truly bothering you right NOW.


Only the innate will know what you truly want. What truly bothers you.
Once you let yourself know what you truly want right now, you can observe the one that is giving the attention.

Because true intentions come from the source.

And not from thought.

Yours truly,

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