We are multidimensional

We are multidimensional – Body consciousnesses

ever walked into a bedroom not knowing what for?
after a few seconds… yeah right socks
who or what brought you from the living room to the bedroom ?
who was in control of moving your body ?

ever fell into deep thought while eating
after a minute realizing that you finished eating
without even noticing.
who or what was feeding you?
being in control of putting food into your mouth?

going into thoughts while taking a shower
few minuted later realizing that you’re done
but did you wash you hair?
checking the texture and squeakiness of your hair to understand if you washed it.
who washed your hair ?

f that,
what about driving?
being aware of traffic
while not being aware of driving
being aware of your annoying boss
while not being aware of traffic or driving
who is driving the car and getting you safely home?

I don’t care what scientific explanation you got
subconscious mind, instinct, whatever…
we are able to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously
while being aware of one task!
this is no quick switching between tasks.
This is setting up to do something,
while wondering somewhere else.
Coming back after a while to find out and realize that
all is done.

#dimensions #multidimensional #phenomenon #superpowers #superhuman #humor #paralelrealities #timelines #timeline #awareness #spiritualhumor #spiritual

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