Escaping myself
The truth
What I feel
Into addictions
Of physical state
Of Emotion
Grabbing whatever
There is
Not Deliberately
From habit
From pattern
From Discomfort
From Unease

To get … Relief

Grabbing whatever there is
Just to feel better right now.
Don’t care what it is or
What it means.


Before you grab that something and escape into relief.

Your fake momentary relief.

Just stop and observe the feeling you running from

Acknowledge it.
Acknowledge it by Facing it
And getting to know it.
Giving it some of your time
Until you know it from within
Make it clear to yourself what it represents to you.
What it means to you.
What is the feeling that makes you run?

The sooner you face it the sooner you realize you don’t have to run.

Yours truly,

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