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Are you afraid to breathe?

Can you allow yourself to be without

stress, worries, for a split second that it takes to breathe?

or are you afraid to let your worries go for that split second from your sight

don’t worry your worries will still be there if you won’t think of them for a second

just breathe without effort like when you always do without noticing.

No need to take a deep breath.
Just breathe as you would, normally.
But wake up all your senses to the air you breathe.
Hearing, smelling, touching, feeling, seeing, tasting.


Notice with your senses
not with your mind,
notice everything effortlessly
notice what your senses are picking up.

There is no effort in doing that, noticing your senses, they do all the work for you.

Close your eyes and notice everything around.

Yours truly,

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