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Trust what feels good…

Trusting that everything will turn out ok
from the mind
is hard.

The mind is limiting.
It doesn’t have all the answers.
All it has is your old thoughts and memories.

Imagine yourself as you wish to be
and what is bothering you is already resolved.

See how it makes you feel.
Feels good, doesn’t it?

Try it.
You can feel this right now
In your body.
Even your mind relaxes.

You can feel this
chemically in your body.
Therefore it is real.
It is happening now.

Your body relaxes from stress, from overthinking
It feels good.
You can notice that.
It feels like a relief.
It feels like finally healing from that winter flue and now you can be yourself again.

This feeling is as real as the pain
when you bump your head.

You believe the pain, don’t you?
Of course, you do,
It doesn’t feel good.
We want to feel good.

We trust the feeling of pain.

Maybe we should trust the good feelings too?
They have as much effect on our mind and body as the pain.

They are as real as the pain.
They are healing you physically and emotionally.

Trust what feels good.
and you’ll find out what faith feels like.

Yours truly,

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