What is your attention grabber?


The thought is like the body, not real, dreamed of.

You can focus your attention on either one.
And for that second of attention one will disappear from your awareness while the other will stay.
Everything is equal to your attention to your awareness.

To which direction you will turn your attention that is what you’ll see, that will be your reality for that moment.

But your attention is biased by your, mind body and emotions.

Each one of them distracts you, and attracts your attention into it’s pull.

Form the side it seems like your thoughts, emotions and body are manipulating and directing your attention.
Making you follow them.
But this is not true.

You can in any time direct your attention to any of them and experience only one.

You are the decision maker, the chooser of where you’re attention goes each and every moment of your life.

For the most part we are unconscious of this. And let our attention take us to whatever grabs it first.

Whether it will be the emotion the thought or the body, something that we see, hear, feel, smell or touch.

We are here to experience all what is in front of us and inside of us – thoughts, feelings, emotions.

But know that all that there is inside of us or outside of us is merely an appearance an attention grabber.

Choose deliberately were you want your attention to go.

#focus #attention #thoughts #feelings #mindbodyspirit #mindbodysoul #illusion #unconscious #awareness #controlyourlife #befree #freeyourmind #freeyourself #knowyourtruth #knowyourself #freedom

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