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You don’t need a reason to feel like sh!t

You don’t need a reason
You don’t need a meaning
Because sometimes you feel like shit without a reason. Without a meaning
Without understanding or knowing
What is going on with you

You just feel heavy
A burden
Lack of mood
Just because…

Like sitting in a puddle.
You’re wet
You’re uncomfortable
You’re cold
But you got used to sitting in a puddle
Got used to the cold
To being wet
To the shitty feeling

You sit there
Only you know that you’re sitting in a puddle
As time goes by you stop noticing the puddle
You just notice the shitty feeling
At this point, you don’t even care
Why you’re feeling the way you do.
You got used to it.

Got used to it to the point that you agree to bear it.
But you still feel it.
But you don’t care.
But you still feel it.
So you make hot cocoa to get warm
You put some dry clothes to feel a bit dryer.
But this doesn’t help.
After the cocoa is over and the dry clothes are wet again.
You still feel shitty.

For how long?
Not for one minute more

No matter what is your choice
You are allowed to suffer
Allowed to heal
Allowed to be uncomfortable
Allowed to not bear the discomfort
You are allowed to feel the way you do

No matter what you feel
You are allowed to feel that.
The feeling is already here.
You already feel it.
Your body allows it to be.
You don’t have a saying in that.
So it is ok.

Don’t run from what is already here.

Yours truly,

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