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Be with you – Meditation

No matter the distance you’ve passed
No matter what you have seen, heard or experienced
No matter how hurt you are
No matter how much you’ve grown and changed
No matter how far you have gone
No matter how long it took
You have always been there with you

You are always with you
Like right now
you are with you
No matter what
You take yourself with you
Anywhere you go
in the world
In your mind
In your thoughts
You are with you
Even when you’re absorbed in something
Even when you’re with people
You’re with you first

You’re with you at all times

So be compassionate
Be forgiving to yourself
Be loving to yourself
Be attentive to yourself
Be open to yourself so you can be
to yourself

Be there for yourself no matter what
At all times
Because no one else would
Because you deserve to feel good
To be at peace
To be free
To be at comfort
To be safe
To have everything you need.

Since you’re already there
with you
You are available for yourself
To receive attention from yourself
To forgive yourself
To allow yourself
To heal yourself
To be yourself
Be as you are right now
you cannot be more then what you are right now.

No matter what you were
Whatever you feel right now.
Your body is feeling.
You already feel it.
Your body allows it to be.
You don’t have a saying in that.
So it is ok.
It is allowed.
Everything that you’re going thru is ok
Is allowed.
Just because it is already here.
It is here and it doesn’t need your
opinion or approval to be right now.
It is already here to be
It is allowed to be.

When times are hard
When you feel bad
When you feel sad
Just be with you
Close your eyes
And be home
It is just you with you.

Yours truly,

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