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Give up thought to know what you truly want

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What is a thought?

You’re not born with it.
It consists of words, that you don’t speak.
Words you pronounce to yourself.
You hear these words in silence
But they sound loud and clear in your head

The words are your creation
No different then
The art
The food
The poem
You create

Is not innate
Is not prime
Is not pure will
It is your creation

You can give up thoughts.

The thought is a conclusion of a moment
Like a memory
A dream
A creation of intention from your attention and will.

The thought is not inside of you.
It seems to you that it comes from the inside, from the head.
The place we associate thought with.
But it’s not.
It is a momentary creation.

Your will is not a thought.
You often tell yourself what you want using thoughts that you created.

But this is not pure will, this is a thought.
And probably an old one.
An outdated thought that might be irrelevant to you now, but you perceive it as your will now.

Your will is clear from thought.
Your will is your true desire of now.

Your desire is changing as you live your life.
No need to fixate it in a thought and keep it in memory.

So give up your thoughts.
Give up the seriousness of thoughts.
Give up the grip they have on you.
It is you that created them.
It is you holding onto them.
Not the other way around.

Give up thought and you will know your true will.
Give up thought to know what you truly want.

Yours truly,

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