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Where is your attention in your meditation

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This is a continuation of a previous post What is meditation

When you sit to meditate
Clearing your mind
Your thoughts

You don’t know what to expect
You don’t know what is there

Therefore you shouldn’t expect
Expectations are limitations

By being open to anything and everything is allowing for whatever is right for you, right now to enter your life

The world is a distraction
The world is – light, form, frequency, matter.
That includes your body, your mind, your emotions.
This includes sounds, animals other people, objects everything that you can use your body’s senses in order to experience the world.

When you sit to meditate you don’t want the attention to be in the world.
Make it your intention to free your attention from the world.

Once this is accomplished to whatever extent.
Your attention is free to experience beyond.
Beyond the world, you know.
That is possible because your attention is no longer here anymore.

Your attention is free.

This does not mean that the physical you is transporting elsewhere.

If you do transport please leave a comment to tell all about it 😀.

The physical you is still in the chair.
The body continues with its
functionality without your attention.
Like it always does when you go to sleep.

This is step number one.

Step number two.

From this point after successfully disconnecting your attention from the world.
Every experience you have that is not related to external world stimulation or mental thought stimulation, is stimulated by the beyond.

But since there is nobody known to you in the beyond that you can experience the beyond with.
You’re left to experience the beyond with your own body.

You might experience whatever
see whatever
hear whatever
sense whatever.

With your physical body.

If you like the experience most likely you would want to prolong it by focusing your attention on it.

But remember that the experience you’re having is in your body or in your mind’s image.

Sometimes we get stuck on these experiences.
Because from one hand they feel so awesome and we want to experience more of them.
But on the other hand, we are focusing all our attention on them.
We are focusing on our bodies senses that are a part of this world.
So, if you want to go deeper you must direct your attention intentionally, by checking up on yourself by being aware of where your attention is when you meditating.

Yours truly,

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