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You are never done… You are ever evolving

You are never done
You are ever evolving
Because you are free
The nature of freedom is constant movement

Even if you put yourself in a box
Build fences around yourself
Create mental boundaries
Deny yourself from being yourself
You are still free to move within your own fences
Free to keep digging your own hole
You never stop creating thoughts
Your attention never stops from being attracted and distracted

It does not stop
So you are never done
You never stop

Even when you think that you’re done.
You think.
You didn’t stop.

What is the point in rushing yourself
What is the point in pressuring yourself
What is the point in stressing yourself
About what is not done
You are hurting yourself
There will be always something to do.

Don’t stress about time…
Time is just another boundary you created
Another fence you’ve built
To be stressed about

What about now?

How do you feel
Are you at peace
Are you at ease
Are you pleased from what is right now?

Be right now.

Yours truly,

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