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Attention to Self – Powerful Meditation (SoundCloud)

Close your eyes
Ask yourself

Ask Your Self
Ask The Self

What do I feel?
Not what do I think I feel
What my body feels?
What are my senses picking up?

This is what is happening right now

Your body’s state is a reflection of right now
What is going on with you

Does this matter to you?
Do you care?
Do you care right now?
Not later.
But right now.

You might say yes.

And then run away from your senses.
From what’s your body’s feeling.
Run away to your thoughts.
Run away to your tales in your mind.
Escaping your body’s feelings.
Drowning in your emotions.
Do you do that?

Then you don’t care.

But how this is possible that you think you care but you don’t.

It’s not that you don’t care
it is where you put your attention with your intention.

Are you the one in control of your intention
Are you in control of
Your Self
The Self
Be with your Self
Practice being with Self by noticing
Notice where are you putting your attention
with your intention.

Your intention is your choice
It is choosing.
Sometimes unconsciously
Sometimes out of habit
Out of addiction
By default
Running from what you believe is bad.
Running from what your body’s senses are telling you.

Be with your body’s senses right now.
Be with your Self right now
Be with you.
This matters.
Be with your Self

Be with your Self at this moment
Be with your Self in every moment
Notice what is your body feeling in every moment

Give your body attention
With your intention

Notice your attention
Notice your attention right now
Where is it?
Put it on your body’s senses

Be in control of your attention
by using your intention

Don’t let your attention be swept away by the world.
by what appears in front of you
by what appears in your mind
by what appears in your emotions

Cause everything that Appears…

What remains is Self

It is always you with Your Self
Everything else just appears and disappears

Repeat after me if you want
in silence or out loud

I care what my body is feeling
I will make it my priority to notice where I put my attention
I will make it my priority to control my attention with my intention
because this matters to me

Now slowly put your attention on your body’s senses again
Feeling the body
Feeling the Self
Sitting in the chair or laying down
Feeling the chair underneath supporting your body
Feeling the air you’re breathing

Sensing the light or darkness
Slowly coming back

You may open your eyes whenever it feels comfortable to you.

Yours truly,

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