It’s ok to forget
Forgetting is releasing thought
Releasing attention from thought

But regretting about something you forgot
and agonizing about it
is creating mental boundaries and limitations.

You’re only agonizing because
of importance, you give to a thought.
“My thoughts are serious”.
I’m a serious person with serious thoughts.

Don’t worry about losing a thought, forgetting it.
It doesn’t make you less serious.

Doesn’t make you less of what you are.
It doesn’t break the image you created.

Notice your thoughts.
Notice the importance you give to them,

When was the last time you thought about something and it really benefited you?
Put you at ease
At peace
Set you free
Made you laugh
A thought that felt good in your body.

And how many times did you fear after having a thought?

This is just some food for thought đŸ˜€.

The thought and the mind are powerful tools.
A thought can
Destroy you,
Free you,
Give you heaven,
Give you hell
Change you.

You’re the one creating thought.
Giving meaning to it.
Fearing it.
Being a slave to it.

Being a slave to a thought that is not yours.

A thought that became a belief.
All your beliefs are just thoughts.
We are all slaves to our beliefs.

So …. notice thought
And ask yourself
Why so serious?

Yours truly,

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