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Why I can’t have what I want

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What I have right now is what I imagined was possible for me to have in the past.

What I will have in the future is what I imagine now is possible for me to have in the future.

I’m the one limiting myself
I’m the one setting boundaries
And believing in them
Believing how much I deserve
How much I worth
Measuring my worthiness
By looking at what I have
And what I don’t
Mostly at what I don’t

Looking for a way to get what I want
And when I can’t find it
Starting to believe that it’s not there for me.
Creating more boundaries.

How many things that you want, you believe are truly possible for you?
Do you believe with your heart that everything is possible?
Or do you have it all planned out ahead, to a limit?
A limit that stops you from evolving, stops you from being free in your life.

Why setting limits and boundaries?
When you can fly free knowing that everything is possible.

That’s how kids are before they start believing otherwise.

Remember how free you were?

How it felt like?

If you don’t, imagine right and feel what it feels like.

Your mind doesn’t care anyway if it’s a memory a dream a thought or a fantasy.
It’s all the same to it.
It is a scientific fact nowadays.
You experience it all the same way.
The memory thought the dream the fantasy.
All feels real if you let yourself believe it is.

Why would your mind trick you like that?
Well, it’s not.
It’s showing you, what is possible.

Your mind is a part of your body.
Your body has your best interest.
Your body is healing itself even when you’re sleeping.
Your mind has your best interest.

It’s showing you that you’re limitless.
While you’re constantly creating limits for yourself.

Every time you say I can’t, it’s not possible, it’s undoable.

Ask yourself what makes you say that.
What is your belief behind your certainty?
What is the belief behind the limit that you set?

Yours truly,

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