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Do what you can. Don’t do more!

Do what you can.

If you can do 80 percent do 80
50? Do 50
40? Do 40
Zero? do nothing

Do what you can.

Because there is no point to do otherwise.
Otherwise, you hurt yourself.
You stress yourself.
You get irritated.

Do what you can.

Because this is all you can do right now.

You cannot be or do more then what you can
right now.

You can try
But it will hurt.

You can tolerate
But you’ll feel bad.

You can endure
But for what?
For the future?
For the security of your future?
For a better living?

When will that be?
In a month?
In a year?
In a decade?

And what about right now?

Do you like right now?

Does it matter to you what is right now?

People may demand from you to give 100 plus percent.
Your boss
Your parents
Your friends

Maybe you’ve built a reputation for yourself
You’re always delivering 100 percent, and even more.

Maybe that reputation is in your head.
Perhaps only you are aware of it.

Only you believe that you need to deliver 100 percent no matter what.

You stress when you can’t, and then you push harder.
Long hours, sleepless nights, long weekends.
Getting sick all the time.
You call it responsibility.
You call it being serious.

Is it responsible to not take care of yourself, are you serious?

What is the point to live a stressful life.
What is the point of living when you’re not yourself most of the time?
When you’re not comfortable in your own body your own mind, with your own feelings.

What good does this bring you?

Perhaps you do this for others?
If you do this for others that is because it feels good.
It feels good to you.
If it feels good to you.
You do this for yourself!

Because you want to feel good
No matter what you do you want to feel good,
that’s why you do things.

This is your nature
Look at how children are.
This is your nature.

Do now what you can do right now.
Do what you can do to be happy right now.
Do what you can, Don’t do more.
Even if it means doing less work or no work at all.

You might have rules that prevent you from doing that.
These are rules that you follow.
Do you follow these rules with a gun pointed at your head?

Follow the rules you can follow, if you want.

But most of all follow your heart.

Make the best out of life with what you can.
If you say it’s not enough.
You’re looking in the wrong direction.
Look within yourself first.
You always have enough to make yourself feel good.
You have enough to
Put your mind at ease
Make yourself safe
Put your body at comfort.

Everything else will follow.
If you follow your heart ♥️.

Yours truly,

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