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Why childhood was so awesome?

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Why childhood was so awesome?

Imagine no sense of time.

You’re in eternity.
Time has no meaning because it does not exist.
Don’t need to be anywhere on time.
Don’t need to finish anything in time.
No time
Like being in a motionless space.

Imagine no sense of ending or beginning because there is no time.
You can do what you want now or later.
No pressure.

Since there is no end because there is no time, there’s no death.
Eternity is yours.
You are it, eternal.

You are eternal in infinity.

Nobody tells you this.
You know this without thinking about it.

You’re fearless.
Your instincts for survival are shit.
You will touch fire.
Jump from a cliff.
Unless somebody stops you.

You’re not like anything in nature.
Every newborn in nature has survival instincts.
But not you.

Because you have an instinct for being an eternal infinite being.
You, my friend, don’t need instincts.
You bump your head you don’t care.
You will climb that couch again.
The destination must be reached.

You’re an explorer on this planet.
You’re an explorer that has this ship they call “a body”.
You use this ship to
Touch everything
Taste everything
Smell everything
Be everywhere
Look at everything.

You use this ship to explore the world until it runs out of power, and your face is in a bowl of porridge.

As soon as your ship is filled with power again
you wake up.

You’re back to your explorations.

Childhood is awesome.

As your mind develops you learn about time
You learn your ships name is Johnny.
People look at you when they say, Johnny.
You start believing that the ship is you.
And you are Johnny.

Then you begin to sense time.
Differentiate one moment from another.
Believing you’re mortal.
Because you used to see grampa and now you don’t.
You start to fear stuff.
Because Johnny is you.
You fear for Johnny for his body’s wellbeing.

More stuff scares you now.
Your body is bigger it hurts more to bump your head.
Now you have a developed brain to remember what hurts.
You remember you think.
Now you think before you do.
The thinking mind takes over.

Childhood awesomeness is officially over.

But wait for a second… What if.

What if all that you learned about
The ship Johnny
Thinking before doing.

What if all that you’ve learned was due to something that got your attention more then it should.

Like a flashing red bulb in a ship.
That you misinterpreted its meaning.

A bulb that you thought said –
“Fear – run from life”

Really said –
“Live – be with life”.

Yours truly,


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