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Fear – if you run, it will stay

Can I escape my mind’s projection of the future based on what I already know?

Do I want to escape?
Do I fear?
– Yes.

I fear the projection because I believe it.

Remind yourself.
It is ok.
It is here.

What is already here, is inescapable.

No point to run from fear.
Notice the fear.
Notice what it brings with it – emotions, memories, thoughts.

All that is happening right now in your mind and body is inescapable.

Be with what is, you don’t have a choice about how your body is feeling right now.

Be with your attention on your body.
Without concluding.
Without adding thoughts.

Be with your body and its senses.

Shut your mind for that moment.
The way you shut your mouth.

Just be.

Don’t try to substitute fear with anything.
No excuses.
No postponement.
No denial.

You stay.
Let fear run.

The fear is appearing in front of you.
Not the other way around.

If you run.
The fear will stay.

If you stay.
The fear will dissolve.

It will show its roots to you.
The roots from where it grows.

The roots of your false beliefs.

When you see the roots you’ll have a choice.
Continue believing these beliefs.
or realize their empty meanings.

Their meanings are empty because
they are made of words.
Words you learned.
You were born without words or meanings.
You were born free of words and meanings.

What is real is your body’s emotion.
You can accept it’s being right now or you can run from it.

If you run, it will stay.

If you try to figure it out and you don’t like the meaning of the emotion,
It will stay.

When you don’t like your emotions, you run.
They stay.

The emotion is already here,
you don’t have a saying about that.
Let yourself be with it.
See it’s false meaning until it dissolves.

Yours truly,

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