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Are you afraid of change?

Is it exciting to know that you haven’t arrived yet?
That you have a journey ahead of you
Full of adventure and excitement
Unpredictable surprises
New wants
Isn’t it exciting to know that you’re not there yet?

Doesn’t that fill you up inside?
Inspire you to look at what is ahead.

Change is exciting.
Change is discovery.
You’re constantly changing from the inside and the outside.

And yet some of us afraid of change.
Afraid of our own nature.
Clinging to what is right now.
To limitation, to what appears to be safe.

You do not fear change.
You fear, fear.

You associate appearances with fear.
Tricking yourself that they are fear.
Appearances are not fear,
they’re just appearing appearances, neutral of meaning, empty.

Bungee jumping to one person is exciting but to another is scary.
Bungee jumping is neither this or that.
Bungee jumping as the activity itself has no particular feeling or meaning.
It is just an appearance.
One sees it as a joyful event and the other as fearful.
You give it meaning.

When you fear
You don’t like how it feels.
You grab everything you have around you that feels safe
including thoughts and beliefs and you’re holding tight to that.

Motionlessly in stagnation.
Concentrating your attention on feeling the fear.

But if you place your attention on the feeling itself, not the contents,
not what it represents.
Attention without thought or meaning.
Strip out fear from its content of meaning,
by noticing only the sensation in the body.

Be with the sensation and realize that it is no different
than any other uncomfortable bodily sensation.

As soon as you discover for yourself that fear is just an appearing passing emotion in your body that happens to feel not so great,
the sooner you’ll free yourself from
any fear that arises and becomes free for a “Change”.

Yours truly,

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