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You’re not missing anything…

I am who I am right now.
Physically, mentally and emotionally.
The universe allows me to be as I am.
The same way it allows the planets and stars to be in space.
They are just in existence as I am in existence.
Planets that collide.
Planets that explode.
Planets that are born from collisions with other planets.
The existence allows everything to be right now as it is right now.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be, period.

As planets explode sometimes,
our emotions explode, thoughts explode.
Without control.
Nobody is overseeing and controlling the explosion of a planet.
There is nobody to criticize that.
It is in the nature of things.
It is allowed.
It is ok to be as it is.

We are also a part of that nature.
What we do, what we feel, what we go thru,
what we are, how we see ourselves.
It is all a part of nature.
Accepted by nature.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t exist in nature.
In space, in the universe, in existence.

We are accepted as everything that already is accepted right now.
Realize this.
You are accepted.
You can rest in this knowing that everything that you are
is accepted by creation.
Including your body, thoughts, and emotions.
You can give them a minute of rest.
Give yourself a minute of rest from
your body, thoughts, and emotions.
Right now.
Because they are accepted right now.
Simply because they are accepted by creation.
You can’t fight what is already here.
Right now.
In existence.
It’s pointless.
You can’t fight how your body feels.
You can’t fight your emotions.
You can’t fight your thoughts.
You can but it won’t do you any good.

They are already here – the thoughts, the body, the emotions.
Without your approval.
Because they don’t need your approval.
See this truth.

The same way you can’t object a star exploding.
In a magnificent supernova.
You can’t object to your emotions,
you can try but they won’t go anywhere.

That doesn’t imply that you’re
A victim of your emotions.

You are so powerful that you can create the illusion in your mind
that you are a victim of your emotions.
You’re powerful to ignore being a victim of your emotions.
You’re powerful to let go of the false beliefs that you’re a victim of your emotions, thoughts, body, and circumstance.

Do you take it personally when a star explodes?

How about if you were observing that star for years
since you were a little kid?
Do you take it personally then?
– Yes.

You see, you make it personal.

It is a star in space you have no control over.
You can admire its magnificence.
You can admire its explosion,
although it hurts sometimes.

It hurts not because the star died.
It hurts because you think that something is missing.
A feeling, an appearance.
But nothing is ever missing in creation.
Everything is just is, in creation.

We just made a habit of noticing and comparing one thing to another.
Comparing appearances, emotions, circumstances, thoughts, feelings.
Making preferences as a result of this comparison.
Getting upset when existence doesn’t meet with our preference.

All you can do in each moment is observe and admire.
Your feelings
Your emotions
Your thoughts
Your body
The stars.

Take a seat.
Make yourself comfortable.
No need to stress yourself over your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.
They are stars in your Galaxy.
Breathe in comfort.
Knowing that they’re allowed to be exactly as they are right now.
Floating in the space of your being.
Just notice them
Admire their existence,
Admire their ability to take your attention and
make you act when something explodes in your Galaxy.

The body
The thoughts
The emotions
You’re that kid watching your stars.
Observe where your attention goes.

Yours truly,

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