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Do you like your thoughts?

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You’re experiencing and learning about the world with your body’s senses.

Learning to describe your experiences with words that you learned using your mind.

Describing what you feel emotional about the world with words.
Describing even when you’re not sensing.
Using thoughts, memories, words.

The thoughts consist of words you’ve learned.
The memories consist of words and what your body’s senses picked up.

Do you realize that everything that you know comes from what you’ve learned?
Every thought, belief, memory is a description of something you once picked up with your senses or learned.

Realize that the truths that you know consist of words that you learned and a decision to follow these words blindly.

Your beliefs are just words that you live by on autopilot, some of these beliefs may be not even yours. Perhaps your parent’s beliefs.

Remember that everything you know you’ve learned.

Your thoughts consist of what you learned.
Are you making new thoughts or repeating old ones?

Your thoughts and beliefs are a book that you are reading and writing.
But you’re mostly reading this book over and over.
Not stop.

Imagine reading a real book over and over non-stop.
There is nothing new there but you keep reading.
How tiring is that?

How exhausting must that feel?

Your book of thoughts and beliefs is not even that interesting to you
because you already know it so well.
It scares you sometimes
Makes you feel bad.

But you keep reading it

Especially the bad parts,
because they draw your attention more.
You reread the bad parts particularly.

You forgot that once you didn’t know words or meanings of words.
You didn’t have this book.
You forgot that nobody is making you read it.

You just got used to reading it, and now its a second nature to you.

You are free to smell a flower, to hear the wind, and be without your thoughts and beliefs that make you feel bad.

You are free not to do anything and to be without thoughts or current beliefs.

Free from making conclusions
Free from having opinions
Free from the need to have an opinion about anything that makes you feel bad.
There is no truth to thoughts and opinions. There is only your decision to follow them.

You are free to start choosing to be without harming thoughts and beliefs.
Even for a few seconds.

Yours truly,

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