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Do you care what others think of you?

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Are you offended when a person you’re talking to is not paying attention?

The only time you get offended is when you want something.

So what do you want?

You care what others think about you?
You think other people are here to validate you?
Your worthiness?
Do you need to prove something to them?

Who are these people?
Your boss, your spouse, your parents, your friends?
Do you need to prove to yourself that you’re worthy, using other people’s opinion about you?

When you talk and the other side is busy texting, how does that make you feel?
Are you angry?
If you’re angry that means you want something from them.
You, my friend, have an agenda.
You’re looking to benefit from the situation.
To get some bonus points.

If you didn’t have an agenda you wouldn’t care and continue with your business.

How dare they not to pay attention to me when I’m talking?
They don’t respect me.
Respect is just a made out word.
Respect is a belief that other people owe you their attention.
Nobody owes you anything.
Everybody’s got free will. You too.

Why are they not paying attention I’m talking about something that will improve their situation.
This is offending.
Did they ask for your help?
Why is this offending?
Are you perceiving the person you want to help as powerless?
As a victim?
As a weak person?
Why are you trying to help them?
If anything they should be offended.

You see them as less of what they are.
Perhaps you pity them.
Perhaps you cannot be around someone that reminds you of weakness.
So your “help” is – trying to fix them so you can feel better.
If you’re offended you’re not trying to help anybody but yourself.

You’re the one not accepting yourself in this situation.
You’re the one uncomfortable.
You’re the one looking for a way to feel better by wanting to fix the outside world.
You’re the one who’s running from your emotions.

If you feel comfortable with yourself in any situation, you will inspire others to do the same.

You don’t need to fix anything.
Just be with what is right now
With your emotions
With your thoughts
With your body
by giving attention to yourself first.

Yours truly,

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