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What to do when you’re in pain

Any appearance or reappearance of emotion or pain is not against you.
It’s not a curse.
It’s not after you to make you miserable.
Appearing emotion is here to be experienced,
like anything else.

Emotion is just a feeling in the body,
we decide that it’s unbearable, and start suffering from it in our minds.
Giving it meaning.

When you bump your leg into something.
You know that this pain is going to pass in a few minutes or seconds,
you forget about it practically instantly. Although it might still hurt.

But if you blame yourself or someone causing you this pain, or start remembering stuff related to this pain and thinking about it deeply. You’ll be focused on this pain longer
This pain will hurt even more.
Disturbing you mentally and emotionally.

The same with emotional pain.
You can feel it in your body.
Just as physical pain.
And if you decide to be with this pain,
without involving your mind and other emotions.
Just being with what is no matter how much time it takes.
Being there for yourself.
Being with you.
Giving yourself attention.
Because you’re hurting right now. Not later.
The pain will pass, the emotions will pass.

Why should you be hurting?
You don’t need to develop pain stamina.
You’re not a marine trained to withstand torture in captivity.
What is more important right now then the pain, who is more important?
What thought is more important than the emotional pain in your body?

You don’t need to bear any kind of pain or illness.
You’re in pain because you endure – physically, emotionally or mentally.
You endure because you ignore the pain. You develop endurance to pain. To Emotion. To negative thoughts.

When you endure pain, it is not going away.
It only grows to get your attention even more.

Especially when you’ve developed endurance.
It may even show up in your physical body
as an illness to get more of your attention.

Depression, a headache. Fear as a stomach ache.

There is a whole science connecting emotions to body illnesses.

Then you notice it,
then you fear it’s meaning, even more,
then you run.
while It stays.

When the pain is here
Shut your mind.

Guess what ? the pain is already here,
You don’t have a saying in that.

But you have a saying in not giving a meaning
or a conclusion to what is here already.

I’m not talking about denial.
Denial will make you look away from the pain because you fear the pain.

I’m talking about a realization, you have no other choice but to be with what is, or run.

But if you run.
It will stay.

The body heals no matter what the body will heal no matter what.
It’s its job to heal.

The pain is an indication for your mind to learn what hurts.

What food is bad for you.

What thoughts feel bad in your body.

What conclusions and beliefs feel bad in your body.

The pain is an indicator for you to learn from.

Not to fear it. Not to run away from it.

What scares you is not the pain whether it’s physical or emotional,
what scares you is the meaning you give to it.

What doesn’t feel good right now?
You know the answer without words.

You feel it in your body as emotional or physical pain.

But you use words when you describe your pain.

Words come with conclusions, beliefs, thoughts, meanings.

Creating more pain more emotions more thoughts more opinions.

All which unnecessary.
Because they’re misguiding you from understanding the pain.

Yours truly,

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