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What do you need right now
Ask yourself
What do I need right now

The answer is always
I need me.

If you think that you need something else.
You are driven by lack.
Lack of love

All these things are a product of your mind.
Your observation of the world.
Circumstance, people, and whatever appears on your life’s path.

You’re driven by something that you think is missing in your life when you look around yourself.

You give attention to the things that you don’t have at this moment.

You think that if only you had these things you would be happy.

If only someone would
Love me
Appreciate me
Approve of me
Accept me
Validate me

If only I had this or that
I could be at peace

If only I didn’t have to do this or that
I could really rest

How can you know what love is and what it feels like if you don’t love yourself?
If you don’t love yourself, you wouldn’t know what it’s like when you’re loved.

How would you know what it’s like and how it feels if you don’t
Yourself first.

You need to experience this first and know this from the inside before you can even expect it to come from the outside.

You are, all that you need
You need yourself
You need you first.
You need your attention to yourself, first.
You need to
Yourself first.

Just because you care about yourself.
Regardless of what you can and can’t

Just because you care about yourself.
You don’t need a reason to care about yourself.
You already care about yourself,
Even people that commit suicide, care about themselves.
That’s why they commit suicide, they want to feel good and they don’t know how to do it.

Give your attention to yourself in each moment of discomfort.
Focus your attention on yourself.
And be with yourself.

When you’re with you begin to notice yourself.
Not the things outside of yourself.
Begin to notice your body’s discomfort.
And then give it comfort by relaxing your body.
Then remember this feeling, how it feels to have you to yourself in comfort.

You’ll earn your own worthiness from yourself by giving attention to yourself whenever you’re in discomfort.
You’ll earn your own worthiness by giving
To yourself.

By noticing your discomfort.
Physical, mental or emotional.
By giving attention to yourself and resting.
Only you can allow yourself to rest with all that is bothering you.
Without looking to fix something first
To get somewhere first.
To receive something first.

You can rest now with everything.
Simply by allowing yourself to rest.
If you see that you cannot let go of your worries and just rest.
Realize that everything that worries you is there when you sleep.
Is there when you’re distracted from it, is there when you lose your attention on it when you think of something else for example.
Your worries are still there even without your attention, without your thoughts.
They don’t need you basically.
But you think you need them, so you go back thinking about your worries.
But since they don’t need you. They don’t require anything from you.
You can stop thinking that you need to manage them in your mind.
You can stop managing everything that worries you just for a minute and rest.
Give yourself to yourself, first.
Then give yourself to your worries if you like.
Yours truly,

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