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If you feel good you can stop looking…

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Sometimes we find ourselves in an unpredictable moment of peace or happiness.
But the moment itself is very unsettling. Because it is rare. Because we’re not used to it.

We’re used to doing, going, knowing everything ahead of time.

So when an unpredictable moment of peace comes. We hurry to cancel it out, dismiss it before it’s over before we fully enjoy it.

We treat it as a task. It suddenly becomes an item on our checklist.  And before the moment exhausted itself, we’re looking on the next item on our checklist.

That’s okay, that’s how we got used to resting, relaxing.

We only rest on weekends, vocations and at specific times available to us.
And when that time is over the resting is done. We check it out from our checklist.
And move on to the next thing.

So when you find yourself all of a sudden feeling good for no reason. Take your time. Don’t hurry to dismiss it. Enjoy it now. Be in this moment as long as you can.
Stop looking for what is ahead.
Because you have arrived my friend.
You want this more than anything, more than any to-do item on your checklist.
This is your vacation right here right now, no matter where you are. If you feel good right now, this is your vocation given to you, by life. Enjoy.

Yours truly,

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