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Can I schedule life for later ?

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The sooner I reach my goals the sooner my life will begin
The real life
The fun life
The abundant life
This is my belief

But life is now
And now
And now

No matter what I think or do
No matter what I accept or not
If I judge or not
If I’m ignorant or aware
Fun or boring
Irritated or in comfort
It’s all a part of life

Life never stops for me
I can’t press pause on life and resume it after I reach my destination.
Life will never wait for me to accomplish my goals first and then continue after.
I can’t postpone life or stop life.
I can only be with life.
I can’t postpone happiness.
I can’t schedule good feelings or happiness into my calendar.

I can only be with my feelings right now. I can only know what I feel right now.

I can only choose right now to see how it feels right now.

Every plan that I’ll make for later there is no way knowing how it will turn out.
How I’ll feel? Will I be happy? Will I be sad?

Don’t worry if you believe that you missed out on life or missing out on life because you’re not happy right now.

You can’t miss on life. Because it’s happening non-stop. Without your permission.
Which is good.
Because if life stopped you wouldn’t be alive.

Because life is now I can always find something that I can give myself right now so I can feel better right now.
Isn’t that great to have that option?!

Not relying on chance or uncertainty or some future security or anything that might break.
Only seeing what is like right now. And making life a little bit better for yourself right now.

Because life is everything
Every joy and every struggle
Every thought, good or bad
Every breath, heavy or lite
Life is in every moment
It is a journey that you can’t put on pause.

I can choose to live my life now welcoming everything that comes my way, finding the best in everything.
Or I can schedule life for later, not really knowing if I even like it later when it arrives.

When I’ll get that job that I dream about. When I get that promotion. When I’ll go out on that vocation. When I’ll have that relationship. When I’ll have enough money. When I’ll get respect. When I’ll be loved. When I’ll have fame. When the universe will finally align itself to my preference.

You’re the universe, my friend, you can make yourself feel better at any moment.

You can’t live life in your thoughts about the future.

Your future thoughts are a part of life that is right now.

Yours truly,

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