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Do you feel safe when you say – Security?

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What is future security?

What is, future certainty?

Is that even a real thing?

What if this fear about the future became reality?

I must do something right now to prevent something happening later.
I’ll create security right now for later.
Because later might be too late.
Later the fear will be real.
I would regret not creating this security for myself when I had the chance.

Are you listening to yourself?
Since when you’re the oracle of the future?

I don’t want to take chances.
I chose to live in security like my parents.
My neighbors.
My friends.
I want to know that when the time comes I will be ready.
I will be ready when my fears become my reality.
When I’ll lose my health.
When I wouldn’t be able to provide for myself.
I’ll have my securities.

I will live my life right now and till the end securing myself from my fears.

My friend, the only thing that you’ll be securing is the path that you’re deciding to take right now.
You’ll be securing and executing it exactly as you’re describing it right now.

But can you really do that?
Secure your future self.

Can you feel that future security?
You can’t because you can only feel what you’re feeling right now.
Can you feel your future self-feeling safe, feeling secure?
– No

You can only feel fear that motivates you to take action right now.
So you wouldn’t fear right now.
You can only be certain of what you feel right now.
So you take action right now. Not to fear right now.
You take action thinking you’re securing your future self.
But in reality, you hate the feeling of fear that you’re having right now. And you act on it. So it would go away.


Because you believe that what you feel right now this is how you will feel in the future.
You create an image with a problem in your mind that doesn’t exist yet and you’re already trying to fix it.

But if you didn’t feel fear.
You wouldn’t do anything.
You wouldn’t budge.

So why do you feel fear?

Most likely you fear because someone that you trust told you that you should.
Your relatives.
You parents.
Your close friends.
You observed people around you and their life stories.

Their fear is now your fear.
Their reasons for fear are now your reasons.
You fear together now.
And you recruit more people to your circle of fear.
And your circle joins bigger circles of fear.

You require a logical explanation not to fear.
But what is so logical about feeling fear right now and projecting it to the future.
You don’t know the future.
There are infinite ways for you to be in the future, but you choose fear.

What is the future anyway?
– There is no such thing.
Everything that is happening is happening now.
Even your thoughts about the future are happening now.

What will be, is determined by what is happening now.

If you don’t fear about the future
Your life might go a thousand different ways.
You would welcome life now as is.
Welcome opportunity without fear.
Welcome chance without fear.
You’d be more open to experience life.
Trying more things.
Exploring more.
You’d be more flexible in your mind.
Because there would be no fear to hold you back from doing anything you want.

Do you feel safe when you say security in your mind?
– No
Security suggests that something bad is already out there, and we need to protect ourselves from that something.

And how do you feel when you say freedom in your mind?
You feel limitless, anything is possible.

You can live your life creating securities.
Just make sure they don’t come at the expense of your freedom.

Yours truly,

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