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There is no point stressing about anything

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Look at your life right now.
See the things that you have and accomplished.
See the things that you like in your life right now.
Your relationships, your family, your car, whatever.

Take your time to remember the moment that you didn’t have these things and only wished for them to be.
Remember yourself at that moment.

Realize that the things you wanted are now, here.
But in the moment of their appearance in your life,
You didn’t do anything.
The moment of the appearance of anything in your life is always effortless.
Stuff just appear.

Notice this.

Suddenly you get married
Suddenly you have a kid.
Suddenly you buy that car that you wanted.
Suddenly you’re on that vocation.

Things just appear in an instant.
Sure you could argue that there were prior actions that you did so the things you want could appear.
But you can’t argue that once they appear.
It happens in an instant, effortlessly.

Notice that everything that happens at this moment right now is happening effortlessly.
Including your thoughts.

Hence, every single moment of your life is effortless.
Stuff just appear in front of you.

But most people will disagree that life is effortless.
That is because they notice the stuff that is not there or the stuff that disappears from their life. Like money.
They notice their struggles with the missing things, their compromises with life, their unhappy relationships.
But even these things are effortlessly happening each moment.

All your struggles in life and disagreements happen effortlessly. You don’t have to do anything before you feel bad about anything, it just happens.

You’re triggered from thought, or circumstance that makes you feel bad.
You don’t do anything, to be triggered.
Triggers appear in front of you all the time.
Even the thoughts that make you feel bad to appear and disappear, there is no doing there, there is no effort.
You make no effort in bringing up a thought that feels bad.
The same with your emotions that follow a thought or circumstance, good or bad, emotions just happen, without doing,

Since everything is just happening in every moment, effortlessly, there is no point stressing about anything, that is happening right now.
Because what is happening right now is what we wished would happen in the past.
The circumstance that you’re in right now is a result of choices you made in the past.

For example:
Preparing for a test is passing the test or failing the test.
When you’re taking a test you have no other choice, other than taking the test right now. There is absolutely no point doing anything else other than the test.
Stressing or thinking about not knowing some of the answers during the test is pointless.
There is no way for you to know more than what you already know in each moment.
Agonizing about not doing well after the test is pointless.
The result of the test is not depended on the moment of taking the test. The result of the test is the result of your preparations for the test that happened in the past.

But what is the past?
The past is just a word that references what was – before this now. There is no way for you to experience the past exactly as it was. Because the past is not an actual thing, just like the future is not, an actual thing.

Right now you’re wishing for stuff to happen in the future. The future is an assumption that has not yet appeared in front of you. The future doesn’t exist as an actual thing. It is just a thought, a prediction.
If your prediction does manifest, it will appear in the now. And when it will happen it will be effortless.

Whatever you’re doing right now you already know how to do it, you already have all the skills, and resources to do whatever you’re doing right now.
If you don’t, you just wish that you would and sooner or later a path will appear in front of you leading you to whatever you want. All you’re left to do is just follow the breadcrumbs in every moment that lead you to what you want in the next moment.

You’re always experiencing the now.
You can only experience what is right now. Circumstance, feelings, emotions.
Everything else is just assumptions and thoughts about the present, the future and the past, assumptions, and thoughts that are in your mind right now.

Yours truly,

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