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Your suffering is your friend

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What is the point of suffering?
People suffer every day.
From circumstance, emotions, and feelings.

We suffer as individuals and as collective when we find a mutual subject to suffering.
But what is suffering?

Suffering is not irritation
it is not an annoyance,
it is not a minor thing
it is not something that is easily ignored.

When you notice suffering in your body,
You already did ignore as much as you possibly could.
You looked away so many times that now you just can’t look away anymore.
You were annoyed or upset so many times that you begin to suffer from what is bothering you.

You’ve lived with a recurring thought, appearance, circumstance, feeling, emotion,
so many times that you’re now suffering from it.

Well, that’s great you say, but what about it going away?
What can I do for it to go away?

The suffering is not going anywhere.
There is a reason for its being.
There is a message for you, a message that you were ignoring for too long.
Once you see the message behind your suffering, you might have an idea why you’re feeling the way you do.

And it goes something along these lines:
I am in strong disagreement with what is causing this suffering in my life.
I prefer to look the other way when the cause for this suffering comes up in my life.
I strongly object to the cause of this suffering, even being in my life.
I can’t stand the possibility for the cause of this suffering, even existing by my side in my life.
I can’t be near it.
Thinking about it repulses me.

You get the idea.
You have something that you can’t stand, I’m not talking about the suffering itself.
I’m talking about the reason that causes the suffering.
It could be an emotion, a belief, a person, yourself, a circumstance.
It could be anything really.

At first, it was something that you could manage ignoring.
You didn’t suffer as much, but in time it built itself up.
You cannot run from it anymore.
You feel bad emotionally, and physically exhausted.

What you might miss, is that the suffering is here to help you and not make you feel miserable for no reason.
Every time you suffer from something it is Life’s way to tell you –
Hey, guy or girl, it is time to face whatever you’re disagreeing with.

Notice yourself, notice your thoughts, notice your body, notice your feelings.
Notice where it hurts.
Notice what thoughts are causing this.
Notice what beliefs are causing this
What person is causing this, what they do, or say, or don’t do or say, is causing this?

I am Life’s suffering and I’ve been knocking on your door for a long time to get your attention.
I’m your friend.

Raising your awareness of what is bothering you, leads to new insights about yourself and your life, leads to realizations, discovering harming beliefs and patterns that might limit you and your freedom in life.
Once you notice something that might cause any type of suffering you might want to ask yourself –
Is this beneficial for me thinking this way?
Does it really reflect the way I want to live my life?

A true moment of realization or awakening to what might be harming you will go a long way.
Even from the simplest of realizations like – I don’t think I like my clothes, why don’t I wear what I like.
To the most profound realizations like – I don’t think I like who I am.

Every healing eventually starts from suffering one way or another.
Notice and give attention to your suffering so you can heal yourself.

Yours truly,

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