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That kid got it all wrong

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Are you looking for people to notice you?
Are you looking for attention?
Are you looking for a savior?
Are you expecting people to be as you like them to be?
Are you expecting people to do what you want?
Do you depend on people’s opinion of you?
Do you depend on what people say or do?

If you do – realize that you’re essentially looking to be nourished.
You’re not looking for a lover, a friendship, a relationship, a friend, you’re looking for a mommy or a daddy, or a nanny.

You expect your needs, expectations, hopes, dreams to be met by someone else.
You expect your happiness to come from someone else.

The only person in the world that can do that is the mother of a newborn.

But even a mother can only take care of her child basic needs.
A mother can’t make friends for her kid.
It’s the kid’s job.
A mother can’t always be there for her kid to make him or her happy.
That is up to the kid.

She can’t always be there by his side to
Encourage him
Uplift him
Support him
A mother or a father eventually won’t be there for their kids 24/7.

But what parents can do, is point out to the flame that is already there in each and every one of us.
A flame of

And It is up to us to keep that flame burning.
This flame is who we are.
Some of us live entire lives unaware of the flame and our responsibility to keep it burning.

We grow to mistakenly think that someone else is responsible for our flame of happiness.
Someone else is holding the fuel for our flame.

Someone else is responsible for our

We grow to think that we are not capable to fuel our own flame on our own.

Simply because nobody told us that we can.
Nobody encouraged us to do so.

From the day we were born we were depended on the outside world with practically everything.
We got used to seeing those things come to us.
Circumstance takes care of us.

And today when we feel sad, we expect the same thing to happen.
We are that kid that expects for something to appear in front of him, to comfort him, to make him feel better, take care of him.
We find comfort outside of us in
Watching TV
Basically doing everything that we can to numb our senses, feelings, emotions, escaping with our attention to whatever feels better than the sadness.

That kid, that needs care from the outside world got it all wrong.
Impressing others – is something that he is doing to prove his worthiness to himself,
to prove that he is loved by himself.
Because just being who you are is not enough. It is no what he learned from life.

He needs attention. He needs to know that he is loved.
He will try to achieve something by doing something to impress others.
To please others so that he can feel appreciated approved, loved by others.

That kid needs the approval to know that
he is okay,
he is worthy,
he is loved.

He is looking for fuel to keep his flame burning.

And today he looks for fuel, not from his parents,
But from his own family.
His relationships.
His workplace.
In every one that is important to him, like his parents.

He needs to know that he is okay, worthy and approved by everyone that he finds important, in relationships, at work, at home.
So that he can feel at peace.
So that he can feel that flame burning.

He has a motive behind every action he takes that serves his feeling of worthiness and okayness.

That kid got it all wrong about who he is, and what is love, and worthiness.

Are you waiting for your life to change just because you feel bad?
Are you waiting for the universe to comfort you? to tell you that you’re okay?
Are you seeking approval outside of yourself?
Are you looking to prove your worthiness to yourself or others?

Or are you ready to discover your true self?
See all your true motives for your actions.
See all the manipulations that take place in your life, that motivate your actions, your seekings of okayness.

You have the power to reignite your own flame, keep it burning forever.
Raise your own awareness.
Wake up and start living your life in freedom from worry, pain, sadness, depression, opinions, beliefs that don’t serve you.

You’re the only one standing between you and your happiness.

Keep reading Am I Worthy? to understand what it takes to reignite that flame.

Yours truly,


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