Can’t Relax.


Can’t relax
Mind overtaking
Looking for what is next
What to do next

In restlessness

In worry

In my own prison of mind



You are creating everything you do
Every thought and action


Surrender to doing

You can’t undo the doing
You can’t beat it
But you can stop and surrender to it.

Imagine there is no time

Stop caring about time
Time doesn’t need you

Doing doesn’t need you

Stop faking your motivations for your actions
They are not what you want.

You want peace and freedom

You’re acting from fear

Fear of what if

Fear of inexistent thought

Relax with the inexistent thought

It does not exist

No worries

What doesn’t exist can’t touch you


Rest right now

Rest exists right now.

See it and choose it.

You can always rest right now.

Later doesn’t exist.

Even when you rest later, it will be your now.
Why to postpone peace
If you need it
Take it
Right now.

You know when to take it.
Whenever you’re not in peace.
And take what is yours.


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