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Surrender or Fight?

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We learn that fighting is good.
Fight for yourself.
Fight to win.
Fight for fame.
For glory.
For pride.
For life.

We think that in order to get these things we need to fight – people, circumstance, thoughts, emotions, our fears.

Because if you don’t fight you must surrender.
Surrendering is shameful.
Surrendering is a weakness.
Losing is shameful.
Only losers surrender.

When we fight we are running from ourselves, running from life.

– But who will fight?

Anyone that doesn’t want to be a victim, will fight.
But what you might not understand is when you fight you already perceive yourself as a victim.
That is the reason why you fight.
If you didn’t think you were the victim you wouldn’t fight.
Therefore only victims fight.

A victim will fight whatever might imply that he is the victim.
They will fight circumstances, people, ideas, whatever.
Just to prevent themselves from being the victim.
Of course, they will fight the accusation of being a victim.

That is why it is crucial to be as open and honest with yourself as possible about what is bothering you.

A brave heart will surrender to everything, including the fact that he perceives himself as the victim. Surrendering to everything including fear to enter the unknown.

– What is the Unknown?

It is an experience and a knowing of peace and bliss.

How do I get there, tell me what to do?

I cannot tell you what to do, because there is nothing to do. It is already here you just don’t notice it.

– So how do I notice it?

You don’t, it notices you because it is you. You just need to surrender to everything that is bothering you. Everything you’re fighting against.

– Why?

By surrendering, you let everything that is bothering you, take over you.
When you do that, that what bothers you ceases to exist.
Because everything that is bothering you has no being of its own. It doesn’t exist on its own.
You give being, to thought, emotions, by noticing emotions and choosing though. Nothing exists without your choosing or attention.

Surrender to
Points of view
Everything that is bothering you.

– But it’s irresponsible, being without thought.
  The Unknown is ignorance
  Unknown is futile
  Unknown is irresponsible
  It is running away from reality

Well, these are your thoughts and points of view.
You don’t know the unknown until you are there.
Surrender your points of view to know the unknown.

See the truth of who you are.

Yours truly,

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