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Do you feel empty?

No wants whats or ever.
No particular desire, nothing.
But you’re restless.
It disturbs you.
You can’t find peace or quiet in your mind.
Even when you don’t want anything.
You don’t want to look at anything hear anything.

Why does it disturb us, feeling empty?
It’s simple because we’re used to doing, and looking to do something.
Experiencing something.
Involving ourselves in something.

This gives us purpose
We constantly define checklists, goals, targets to ourselves
To do X to get Y
To go from A to B

Wanting nothing is simply a state that we’re not used to.
We’re not bored.
Being bored is expressing our opinion about the current situation and wanting to be in a better one.

However, when you feel empty.
You don’t want anything.
You don’t want to be entertained.
You have no preference.

You’re just restless because you think you need to do something.
But you don’t want anything.

If you let go of thoughts and judgment that you need to do something.
You would simply rest in a natural state of who you are.

Because one of the qualities of your natural state is Emptiness.

You are Emptiness.
Just like space.

Emptiness doesn’t require something or anything so it can be Emptiness.
However, emptiness can contain something and anything.
Because emptiness as itself doesn’t have boundaries.
It is empty of boundaries.

Just like emptiness in infinite space, that can contains stars and galaxies.

You as emptiness can experience something, anything and everything you choose to.
You can also experience nothing.
That doesn’t mean that you’re nothing.
That you have no content or value.
That doesn’t mean that you’re lost.
All it means that right now you’re choosing to be without preference.

We often think that what we do – is who we are.
And if we do nothing. We tend to judge ourselves.
For being lazy. Not doing enough. Not trying hard enough to do something.
That’s ok.
That’s how some of us were raised.
Because doing usually associates with work, achievement, and appreciation.
And in society’s eyes if you don’t work you’re perceived a certain way.

So, you lay or sit there not wanting anything, empty.
And you judge yourself. According to your beliefs, society’s norms.
For not being good enough right now.
Afraid of being worthless.
Because if you are, how can anybody love you.
How can you love you?

It’s funny how this works, because while not wanting anything,
your mind, thoughts, personality, emotions are working not stop.
Reminding you that you need to do something.
Causing your body to feel bad.
Causing you to feel bad about yourself.
For what?
For being who you are.
For being the vast empty space of life that contains and experiences all life with his mind body and spirit.

If you feel empty it’s simply your time to rest in no doing.
It’s time to notice your restless thoughts that are preventing you from being at rest when you don’t want anything.
Rest with those thoughts. Rest with everything that you are, in emptiness.

Yours truly,

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