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You are the experiencer of life, you are the perceiver of life.

Every perception of a part of life, is unique to you, to your personality, beliefs, points of view, emotional state, thoughts.

Every person experiences life in his or her unique way.

Life happens for every one of us in a unique, different way.

Therefore, there is no – one life – a singular life for all.

Every perspective of life is a different life, experienced from that particular perspective.

Every combination of body, thought, emotion creates a unique experience of life.

There is no one life for all.

There are infinite combinations of experience that make life what it is.

Life is happening for you, thru your unique being state that consists of everything that is unique to you – your emotions, thoughts, feelings, energy, and body.
All these things make you make your experience of life unique.

Therefore, every life experience that you have is a reflection of who you are, physically emotionally and mentally, at that particular moment in time, because life is experienced thru you.

In that sense, you can say that life is you. Because your experience of life is unique to you. if you didn’t exist, life wouldn’t be experienced thru all the configuration that is you.

All there eventually is, is infinite takes on life, infinite experiences of life. Of everything that is life.

That includes your body, mind, emotions, other people, the world, everything that is sensible with your senses.

We tend to judge and prefer certain experiences over other experiences. But every experience is life.

Including the judging experience that is experienced.

If all there is to life is the experience of life, why do we tend to fight with the experiences that we have?

There is no point to run from any experience that is happening right now.

Everything that is happening right now is intended to be as it is right now, by life.

Yes, sometimes we feel bad, with what life is serving, we hate the taste the smell, the feeling of what is.

We react to what is on the plate at every moment.

More than often we make it a habit to notice and talk about what is wrong with life.

Forgetting that there is nothing wrong with life. There is only our experience of what we judge and fight. Life doesn’t need you to fight it. It will happen regardless of you being there or not. The one that sees this and lives this is free from judging and fighting. Getting there might be not easy but it is sure worth the effort.

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