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Advice, take it or leave it?

Only you can live your life.
Only you can walk the path. Only you will experience whatever you choose to become. Only you can be in control of what you choose. But, sometimes it seems that we can’t choose, it’s hard to choose. And we ask for advice from those that chose many times before us.

Sure, you can take advice.
But advice is nothing but other people’s unique perspectives from their experience.
You might feel obligated to take other people’s advice. Like your parent’s advice.
When you feel obligated, it feels fake.
Just a bunch of rules, opinions, and beliefs. Limiting your freedom in life.
We learn from experience not from advice.
We learn from life.
We make permanent changes to our lives by experiencing life.
Perhaps someone’s advice could make an impact on you. Their life story. But the minute you continue with your life their story will fade unless it scared you, then it will stick for a while. But it will fade eventually¬†because it is their story, not yours.
Parents giving advice to their children.
Friends giving advice to friends.
Mean well.
But taking someone’s advice, learning how you should be in a certain situation, what you should do, etc.
Is trying to be someone else.
If you’re following someone’s advice in your life, just because you think it’s good advice, notice how it feels.
If it feels limiting to you, unnatural.
You should stop, and take a look if this is what you truly want.
You should rain check every once in a while if the advice you took is serving you.

Live your life the way you feel you intend to live it.
Let life take you. Let your passion take you.
And you’ll discover that it is the only way to be free and happy.

But of course, this is only my advice to you. You can take it or leave it.

Yours truly,

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