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We are so used to living life by knowing what is good and what is bad.
What should we trust and what should we fear.
Often our lives are driven by negativity.
We take action as a result of avoiding something, fearing something,
running from something and ignoring everything that is negative in our minds interpretation, into what seems to be positive.
We seek pride to avoid shame.
Strive to win to avoid losing.
Look for safety because we fear danger.
Prefer happiness over sadness, because it feels bad.
We fight so we won’t have to surrender.
Fear death, love life.

All that is perceived as negative we fear, run, avoid and ignore.
We don’t want to deal with what doesn’t feel good.
Don’t want to deal with bad memories, emotions, trauma, fears.
Whatever is perceived by us or society as negative.
We’re trying to substitute the negative with the positive. By looking away and avoiding the negative.
We are substituting.

However, nothing in life is ever substituted by something else. Everything just comes and goes.
Appearances, emotions, thoughts, feelings, stuff, etc.
Including our attention.
When we fear and decide to look away so we can feel better, we simply give attention to something else.
Until the body calms down, and the thoughts go away.
It all happens by moving our focus, our attention from one thing to another.
There is no substitution.
Only expressing our preference for one thing over another.
This way the fear is never resolved, the thoughts don’t really go away.
It seems that the fear and the thoughts disappear, but they disappear momentarily because we chose something else, at that moment.
That is because we have the ability to choose, to alter our immediate reality. If we didn’t have that option we would have been stuck in the same experience of reality.

If you choose what feels best for you by feeling excitement, joy, peace, you will attract a better reality for yourself.
But, if you choose from fear, you will attract more of the same feeling, no matter how positive your intent in your mind is. The emotional state will always dictate the results to come before they arrive.
The intention that comes from the mind only postpones that which doesn’t feel good right now.

But how to feel good right now?
How to change the emotional state right now?
How to do it sincerely, not kidding ourselves?

This can be done. But it requires some investigation from your part.

Consider the emotion you have thinking about the word cold – practically no emotion.
what about the word warm? –  nothing right?

What about a cold person? or a warm person?
Any rising emotions? perhaps you’re thinking about someone that you don’t like? or someone that you do like.

We quickly notice that our emotional system responds to the connection we made regarding someone that is cold or warm.
On the other hand, we made no direct emotional connections to the words themselves, cold or warm are just words.
Just like the words weak and strong.
Weak rain feels different than a Week person.
Just like gentle and rough.
Rough wall texture feels different than a Rough person.

You see it is all about the connections that we’ve made in our minds, it’s all about the interpretations.
The words as they are don’t play a role, it’s the meaning that we choose to give to the words that matter, the meaning that we choose to give to appearance and thoughts.

This is where your investigation comes in.
If you feel bad.
Investigate why.
What is keeping you from feeling good right now?
What is it that you are holding onto right now that is preventing you from feeling good and being happy.
What idea?
What belief?
What thought?
What reasoning?
What meaning is behind the emotions that you feel, that you can’t let go of right now?

See this reasoning that you have towards that something that “makes” you feel bad.

Yes, it makes you feel bad because you believe that it does. But as we just saw nothing “makes” you feel. The words, the images, have no meaning on their own. It is the connections you created that you are responding to emotionally.

Let say you feel fear.
People hate fear, we would do anything just not to feel fear. Ask yourself why do I fear? Let’s say the answer is – you fear because you think of death.
Continue the investigation.
Is death preventing me from living right now?
Death is just a word.
It holds no power over me right now. I’m free to live right now.
I’m alive. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be able to think about anything nevertheless, death.
I’m alive that is the reason I have the ability to fear, to think about fear, about its consequences, to feel it in my body.  I have the ability to fear, fear, and the ability to see that it is just a word that doesn’t threaten me.

What threatens me is the connection I made in my mind, a fiction, a tale.
Something that doesn’t exist right now in my reality.

Without the connections,
Right now I am free.
Right now I am happy.
Right now I am joyful.
Right now I can choose,
Without the connections, I have no reason to be otherwise.

I can always choose to see what is or who is making me emotionally unhappy.
But I already know the answer, aren’t I?

It is me.

Yours truly,

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