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Stop your struggle

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The most terrible thing that you can feel in life will come as a result of you, not letting life to take you where you need to go. So why not let life take you. Let everything that is in life to take you where you need to go.

In life –
I’m not required to take action or do anything.
I have no obligations to life. No responsibilities.
I’m motionless until I decide to move.
I’m speechless until I decide to speak.
I’m deaf until I decide to listen.
I’m uninterested until I decide that something matters.

I’m vast, like space, until I decide to be focused on a micro level.

Understand that it is you, that peace, that silence.
It is you breaking the silence, with your doing, struggling, resisting, objecting, criticizing, and fighting.
The silence is always there. Just stop everything that you are doing.

But you say – it is hard to stop, I got so many things on my mind. I’m in this state of being that doesn’t allow me to stop.

I’m struggling.
I’m in sadness.
I’m in victimhood.
I’m in hate.
I’m under stress.

Those things have me, I can’t just let go of those things, it is not up to me.
Those things prevent me from stopping.

But do they, really?

If you are the silence and you are the space.
You are also the fighter of the reality that is in front of you and inside of you.
Fighting is doing.
Remember, that you are not required to do anything, including fighting.
If you think that you are, that is because you decide that you are.

Do you really think that something can hold you?
Or do you think that it is you holding onto something?

It is you my friend that can’t let go of the perception that you are being held by something.
If you’re unhappy, you’re most likely unhappy because you do not accept your state of being right now.
You hate, judge, object the emotion or the thought or the body or the circumstance, that is right now.

But knowing this gives you power.
Becoming aware of your own state-of-being gives you power.
You can surrender to every state of being because you are the creator of that state.
You are the interested party in your own struggle.
If you weren’t, there would be no struggle.
You surrender by becoming uninterested.

But this must be sincere, you can not fake this.
You need to be sick and tired of your own sickness in order to stop.

Then you simply surrender to yourself by declaring an intention to yourself

That which is bothering me, I allow you to take me.

That who holds my freedom, I allow you to take me.
That who criticizes, hates, suffers I allow you to take me.
You surrender by not doing, not by reacting with your thoughts to what is bothering you.
You surrender by being uninterested to the meaning of things.

Simply admit the state that you’re into yourself and let it take you, for example:

I am judging – I allow judgment to take me where it wants.

I am hating – I allow hate to take me where it wants,

I am jealous I allow jealousy to take me where it wants,

I am sad I allow sadness to take me where it wants.

I am life, I allow life to take me.
Don’t worry you will not be taken anywhere.
But you will be a step closer to your freedom.

So, to recap:

You need to identify the very exact state that you’re in, that bothers you, do not be tempted to analyze your emotions or thoughts, thinking about several things simultaneously.
No, you already know the state that you’re in because you feel it.
Because it bothers you right now, emotionally.

Then, Find one word that describes your state and fill in the blank.

I am _________ , I allow _________ to take me.

Example – I am sad I allow sadness to take me.

Life has no intention of making you suffer.
Life is peaceful until we decide to make some noise.
Your peace is found in no doing.
Your freedom is found in no judging.
Your happiness is found in letting yourself be with whatever your experience is.

Yours truly

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