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To worry or not to worry, that is the question

The worries that make you busy in your daily life. Are sucking your attention from the beautiful life that is around you, and inside of you. People absorbed with worries all their lives. When you worry about something while making decisions and taking action, notice that the worries are not going anywhere. We are not settled until we see the evidence for our worries resolved. But then, we find another thing to worry about. This is our routine, being in a state of worry and concern. All the time. Our relationships, finance, health, happiness. We are never missing something to worry about. Looking to resolve our worries, even when we are occupied in something else. Even in between doing daily routines – like eating, showering, walking, driving – we occupy our minds with worry. The impulse to find a resolution to every little problem drives us to this never-ending loop of worry. Because there is always something to worry about.

Do you need to worry? – No
Do you want to worry? – No

So if we don’t want to worry why are we constantly in a state of worry?

What are worries?
Worries are basically a tuned-down-state of fear, that makes us uneasy.
Worry comes as a result of seeing that our reality is not aligned with our wants, right now at this moment.

For example:
I’m not in a relationship right now. Judging by the past, I worry that I will never find the right person for me.

It is hard to want something and constantly notice that it is not here yet.
That something that will bring me peace or joy or happiness.
I worry that it is not here.

But, what can I do?

Try this exercise:

Imagine that you don’t need to do anything, to adapt to anything, to fix anything.

You don’t need to figure out that thing that occupies your mind.
Release that need for a minute or two. Release your grip from your wants, for a minute.
Imagine that the world is gone. There is only you.


You will instantly be taken to a peaceful place.
This place is your natural state.
If it wasn’t you wouldn’t be able to relax.
It is your base. Your starting point. Emotional peace.
When we take the time to relax, to lose grip from “reality”, even for a moment.
We find peace.
When we imagine that there is no world, no people. Instant peace takes over.

You might say that this state is denial, ignoring reality and my problems, fooling myself.

Well, this is not a solution to your problems.

This is for you to see that you still exist with your problems but in a different state a peaceful state of body mind and emotion. Your problems did not go away when you did the exercise. In fact, everything that is external to your body stayed the same. But with that, your body, mind, and emotions, found peace, in parallel to the existence of your problems.

To worry about something that is an actual threat at this moment is called survival, which is quite useful.
To worry about the past or future projections is manifesting a thought. A thought that can’t touch you right now. But we somehow manage to fear that, by pulling that unmanifested reality of thought into the now. And we act on that fiction that is in our minds, all our lives.

You can be at peace with your problems, you can be at peace with what you want and don’t have.
You can be at peace with all that is in your life. Prove to yourself over and over that you can. By relaxing your grip from the thing that you don’t have or want to fix.

Take this moment to relax, and see that all the stories disappear for that moment.
Because they are fiction. They are a fiction created by the most convincible author in the world. That is you.


Yours truly,

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