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A thought doesn’t distract you, only you distract yourself with thought

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Imagine that your thoughts are floating in colorful soap bubbles. Each though in a floating bubble. A bubble is free to move in any direction, you’re free to make it move in any direction. A thought is not an object, it has no weight. It is free to float like air. You are free to notice it. To follow it. To direct it in any way. There is no need to pop the bubble of thought. It is beautiful. It is free.

It is free to collide with another thought bubble. It is free to disappear in the sun. The bubble is very gentle. It will go where the wind blows. The thought itself doesn’t have any intention to make you feel a certain way. A thought is free from feelings. However, a thought has the ability to remind you of a feeling in your body. It has the ability to wake up an emotion.

When that happens it is time to notice the emotion, not the thought. It is time to be with the emotion. Unlike thoughts, emotions are felt in the body. They have weight, mood a feeling. They are less ignorable, denser.

Don’t blame the thought for bringing the emotion to you. Take time instead. Take time to be with yourself. With your emotions. Understand that something that doesn’t feel good to you –  is yours, is felt by you, therefore it belongs to you, and is asking for your attention from you. You’re the only one feeling your emotions. They are yours, alone.

Why wouldn’t you want to be forgiving, compassionate, loving towards yourself, towards your emotions. They are yours. You don’t ignore your child when he is hurt, you are there to help him, comfort him.

Do the same for yourself, be the same with your emotions. Don’t let a thought distract you from being with yourself. Because it can’t. Only you can distract yourself with thought.

“Oh that’s ok, these feelings will go away. I’m used to them”.
These are thoughts. Whose advice you choose to follow.

It is easy to ignore emotions as they come and go. Because we are never running out of something to distract us. But in that process, we are ignoring what hurts, our bodies, ourselves.

Take care of yourself, of your emotions, of your body.
Listen to what hurts emotionally and physically.
Try not to postpone being with what hurts right now.

If you won’t, you’ll be on the fastest highway, leading yourself to your happiness.

Yours truly,

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